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skidg ( seto kaiba is definitely gay )

a memoir of ed crying to death

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im ed!!!! im 15 going on 16!!!! im agender and use fae/him pronouns!! my bff is kiara and my interests are in the occult, yugioh, digimon, and bofa
enjoy your stay???? idk this was a bigger thing when i was like 7 so im late to the party????

Atem: and i play one card face down in defense mode
Kaiba,whispering to himself: you can play mE face down in defense mode

- Marinus

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aly & aj, catfishing, conspiracies, critical anaylis of text, crying, irobot, kaiba was gay, kung fu asian generation, making friends, reading, sade, sufjan stevens, writing, yu-gi-oh!
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